Regulatory Council of D.O. Oil

The Association for the Defense and Promotion of the Bajo Aragon Olive Oil (A.D.A.B.A) was interested on having a specific reglament to protect and warrant the quality of their production, so given the social and economic importance of the olive oil production, it solicit the creation of the Denomination of Origin "Bajo Aragón Oil".

So, according to the capability of the Autonomous Community of Aragon on the regulation of D.O's, the provisional Regulatory Council of the D.O. "Bajo Aragón Oil" was created on June 23th 1999, and now is waiting for the definitive approval of the European Commision. The Council is constituted by the following people:

Alfredo Caldú Celma.
Ricardo Romero Burgués
Members in representation of the Producing Sector:
Pascual Buj Perez
Pablo Conesa Margelí
Ramón José Ferrer Sanchez
Carlos Estevan Martínez
Pedro Manuel Falgas Micolau
Members in representation of the Industry Sector:
Isidoro Villar Baquero
Belen Cirac Cubeles
Joaquin Riba Torrente
José Gabriel Alcober Dilla
Ricardo Romero Burgués


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